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In our fast-moving society, it can be harder and harder to stand out from the crowd, showing how important a entrepreneurship can be. Students at SCEE enter a pathway to entrepreneurship competitions, mentorship, classes and clubs not available anywhere else.

The Sikh Foundation to Launch Quarterly Startup Series: My Journey

The Sikh Foundation is launching a quarterly startup series aimed at promoting knowledge exchange and empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds. The series will explore the personal and emotional aspects of entrepreneurship that are often overlooked in traditional discussions. The foundation, known for its commitment to cross-cultural understanding, is collaborating with key stakeholders to narrow the knowledge gap and support aspiring entrepreneurs. The series will provide insights into various entrepreneurial topics, including building a team, securing funding, and achieving work-life balance. The events will feature interviews with prominent figures in the startup world and will have a global perspective. The series aims to highlight inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who have overcome challenges, such as navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. The inaugural event will be live-streamed, featuring an interview with Dr. Ratinder Ahuja, CTO & VP at Pure Storage. The series aims to empower individuals from all walks of life and contribute to a global community of resilient entrepreneurs.

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